Can You Fall For….?

Can you fall for someone You have yet to meet? You love the sound of his voice The things he says The way he makes you feel You lay at night and wonder Does he feel the way you do And when he says, “I love you.” Does he mean, “I LOVE YOU?” He makes … Continue reading Can You Fall For….?

Johnny: Father’s Day

My second dad I have to say You are so missed in every way. The way you laughed, Joked and smiled. A playful grandad by the mile. Nearly a year, I can't believe. It still feels like you've just gone to sleep. Life is duller without you, It's an understatement and so true. Sleep well … Continue reading Johnny: Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

To my beloved Daddy Happy Daddy's day to my Gorgeous beloved dad! Words.... There are so many to say Not just now But every day I just love you In every way You brighten up my every day To be your daughter I am proud It's a fact I say out loud You daddy I … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day