To you……

I miss you  Your smile  Your twinkling eyes  Lights up the sky I miss your voice  It speaks more than it says It's sound Forever in my head  Your tenderness  Your care  The way you call me " Dear " You're funny  Serious too A mixture of things  All a wonderful you

I Know You 

I know you Our souls have met I know your words Thoughts Mindset Your twinkling eyes Your voice.....devine There's a connection You know my mind You hear my thoughts You're on the ball When it comes to me You know it..... all It seems we're destined #You&Me Some things in life Were meant to be … Continue reading I Know You 

Wait For Me 

Wait for me  Though I am far  Remember me  When you see the stars  Through the distance  You remain in my heart  It's just life Keeping us apart  Know this  Soon..... Our distance will cease We'll be together  Our hearts will meet The bond we share Is so unique  Past the oceans Our souls still … Continue reading Wait For Me 

God’s Gift…..

I cried when he told me I was awash with tears Thinking of the memories Moments and years You think you have eternity Sadly it's not so We're here by God's grace By God's grace we'll go To be blessed with parents To feel such love and care When we're young and innocent We think … Continue reading God’s Gift…..


True Friends care not  What colour you are True friends like you For who you are  White skin  Brown skin Near or far Religion.... Does not matter  My dearest Friends  You are unique  Honest  True You say as you see Just like treasure Such friends are rare  To me my friends.... You have become dear … Continue reading Friends 

What Are Hearts For?

If hearts were meant to beat not feel We wouldn't hurt We wouldn't heal We would live each day  In ignorant bliss  A tender moment  Tender kiss  Would such moments still exist? When your eyes find his and stare Would there still be chemistry there? Without the feel.... Would you dare ? Would destiny still … Continue reading What Are Hearts For?

Does He know?

Does he know  How much I care Those lonely times  How I wish he was here To see his smile Feel his care Miles apart He's there  I'm here.... Some kinds of lonely Are Hard to Bare  Surrounded by people  Yet no one's there... Lost in a world Love's not here  Miles apart  Love's over … Continue reading Does He know?