Dear Life 

Dear Life, What's up? Sometimes you're good and sometimes you suck. Dear Life, How are you?  Tell me, why do make things happen the way that you do? Dear Life, Just so you know.  It's not all rings on fingers, but the love that you show. Dear Life, Please tell? What you have in store? … Continue reading Dear Life 


Life is ever changing. You think that you have it sussed and that all is well in your little world.....  Fate has other things in hand for you. It's at that moment of awakening that you realise that you've been existing with your eyes closed. Simply being not seeing.  It's a pretty colourful world out there. … Continue reading Changes 

The Next Chapter 

Sometimes you have to know how to let go of something, even though it's hard to do...... Not letting go of a person permanently, but in order to let them spread their wings, grow and flourish into what they are meant to be.  When you have a child however, this is easier said than done. I … Continue reading The Next Chapter 

How Do You know If….? 

How do you know if you've met "The One"? Is it fireworks on sight? Heart skipping beats? Magnetism? What if you haven't met in person? Can you still feel that magnetic draw, the chemistry? Do your souls connect because they were destined to and it's something that you just feel? You just know? Are you … Continue reading How Do You know If….? 

The Return 

"You're like an angel to me, sent down from God, just when I needed someone." The words resonated in her mind, they never failed to make her smile and give her a warm feeling inside. Some days it felt like it was only yesterday. Today however, it felt a lifetime ago. If thoughts were wishes, … Continue reading The Return 

Music To My Soul 

I can feel his heart as he plays  The sadness in his music  Never sways  My heart beats to the rhythm of his song The love in my heart  Dances along  Play my darling Express your soul The songs in your music  Will never grow old I'll capture your sadness  Make your heart shine  Then  your … Continue reading Music To My Soul