Dear Life 

Dear Life,

What’s up?

Sometimes you’re good and sometimes you suck.

Dear Life,

How are you? 

Tell me, why do make things happen the way that you do?

Dear Life,

Just so you know. 

It’s not all rings on fingers, but the love that you show.

Dear Life,

Please tell?

What you have in store?

Heaven or hell?

Dear Life,

See you soon.

It’s not over till its over and it’s not the end of you.

Dear Life…….


The meaning of you

Show me the meaning of being you 
Why you say what you say

Do what you do

Catching me with your charms 

Then distance your self 

You need warning alarms

This hot and cold has to stop

You’re either in my life 

Or my heart’s back to frost

Your loss


Life is ever changing. You think that you have it sussed and that all is well in your little world….. 

Fate has other things in hand for you. It’s at that moment of awakening that you realise that you’ve been existing with your eyes closed. Simply being not seeing. 

It’s a pretty colourful world out there. It’s not all black and white. But life is for living, not just existing in an almost zombie like state.

Time to step out of the shadows, into the light and live and embrace life with all of its experiences and be colourful once again.

No matter who you are, what you are, how old you are, it’s really never too late to live again.

Watch out world….. Random lady on the loose…..

The Next Chapter 

Sometimes you have to know how to let go of something, even though it’s hard to do……

Not letting go of a person permanently, but in order to let them spread their wings, grow and flourish into what they are meant to be. 

When you have a child however, this is easier said than done. I mean, why do you children have to grow? Can’t you just stay babies? 

It doesn’t matter how many babies you have, you’ll have to let go of each one and let them get on with the next chapter in their book of life. 

Feeling quite emotional and even bereft has made me think of that age old saying, “you have to love them enough to let them go.”  So as I ready myself collect my Princess from her last day of primary school and supply the tissues (for the mum’s  too!) I realise that whatever chapter of her life she is on, she’ll always be my Princess and will always need her mum.

To my friends that will struggle with today, I’m with you. Us mum’s have bonds with our children that transcends time. They will always need us, just differently.

“Now…… where did I put those tissues? Not for me of course!” ☺

Love Is Love

Love is love

Is what they say

Love comes to us in any ways 

How you came into my life

Has grabbed my heart by surprise 

They say you’ll know when it hits 

You turned my soul into bits 

Of stars that shine in the sky

Forever glowing 

Forever fly.

I don’t know why we love as we do

But my sweet darling 

I do love you

Souls have met

Hearts have crossed 

In every lifetime 

My heart is yours. 

How Do You know If….? 

How do you know if you’ve met “The One”?

Is it fireworks on sight? Heart skipping beats? Magnetism?

What if you haven’t met in person? Can you still feel that magnetic draw, the chemistry? Do your souls connect because they were destined to and it’s something that you just feel? You just know? Are you both feeling the same thing at the same time, through an invisible force?

Do we meet the same soul in every lifetime and we only feel that connection with the “Right One”?
Same souls, different bodies?

In a modern technological age, more and more people are meeting via social media, rather than in person. Who is it that they’re falling for? The person or the personna…..?

The man/woman or a dream….?

Love is love

Seen or unseen……

The Return 

“You’re like an angel to me, sent down from God, just when I needed someone.”

The words resonated in her mind, they never failed to make her smile and give her a warm feeling inside. Some days it felt like it was only yesterday. Today however, it felt a lifetime ago. If thoughts were wishes, he would be right here or she would be there, with him.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. If that’s the case, she was undeniably, deeply in love and couldn’t possibly miss him any more than she did right now.

Ameera sighed and as if he knew her thoughts were on him, she got a message on her phone. “I’m so crazy about you. I can’t stop thinking of you.” She smiled down at her phone as if it was him. “I didn’t think that you still felt that way.”  She messaged back. “I think of you every day.”  Was his swift reply. “I miss you. Look out of your window.”

Music To My Soul 

I can feel his heart as he plays 

The sadness in his music 

Never sways 

My heart beats to the rhythm of his song

The love in my heart 

Dances along 

Play my darling

Express your soul

The songs in your music 

Will never grow old

I’ll capture your sadness 

Make your heart shine 

Then  your beautiful heart

Will always be mine.