You Must Be…..

Your head must be up the clouds.

You say words to me

But you’re never around 

You don’t know me 

You just think you do

I’d rather be me

Than false you

To love is to care 

To understand 

What you said 

What you did……

Totally underhand….


They Don’t Tell You 

They don’t tell you what love is

You don’t know till you’re there

A gentle touch

A special look

Just wanting that person there.

They don’t tell you

How you’ll feel

In truth….

They can’t explain

Love is singing

Love is laughing

Dancing in the rain

Only love can explain.


I May Not See You….. But I Feel You…..

Do you ever wonder…. if someone can sense your thoughts or feel what you’re thinking?

Just as you’re thinking of them and their name is on your mind…..your phone Beeps. “Did you hear me thinking about you?” She asks. “I could feel you.” He replies. 

You may say that it’s just coincidence. But what if it isn’t? Don’t we share a deep connection with loved ones or people we care about?  

What if you have such a strong bond with someone, that you can almost feel their presence though they’re miles away? Is that a good thing? Does it make you miss them more, or is it a comforting feeling?

You will meet many people in your life and build different bonds with all of them, but some bonds are unbreakable……..

Can’t They See?

Why don’t people see?

Finally you’re being 

Who you want to be?

Can’t they tell?

When you no longer want to be part of their hell?

Don’t they know?

Their presence help the dark clouds show?

I’m at peace

All along I had my own keys

Let me be

Deep within 

I’m at ease.

From The Ashes 

​She rose 

Out of life’s ashes



She saw her path 

Knew where she belonged 

Life gave her life

Though life did her wrong 

It’s an experience 

It’s a song

But there’s always light

With each new dawn 

Each new day 

She’ll begin a new song 

The music and laughter 

Will march along

For life loved her

That made her strong.