Johnny: Father’s Day

My second dad

I have to say

You are so missed in every way.

The way you laughed,

Joked and smiled.

A playful grandad by the mile.

Nearly a year, I can’t believe.

It still feels like you’ve just gone to sleep.

Life is duller without you,

It’s an understatement and so true.

Sleep well grandad

Rest In Peace.

You’re loved & missed Johnny.

But gladly pain free❤

I still can’t write or say your name

My eyes flood

I feel such pain

It hurts badly

Cuts like a knife

I know you’re happy

In paradise

Time hasn’t healed

It’s still hard to bare

I wish beyond measure

You were still here

To see you once

Hear your voice

How I would cheer and rejoice

Sleep soundly

Be at ease

Stay forever in heavenly peace.


I Miss You, Love

“Sue, how do you do?!”


Happy Father’s Day

To my beloved Daddy

Happy Daddy’s day to my Gorgeous beloved dad!


There are so many to say

Not just now

But every day

I just love you In every way

You brighten up my every day

To be your daughter

I am proud

It’s a fact I say out loud

You daddy I simply adore

Best friend, hero, mum and much more

You are my first love

My super man

If it needed doing

You were the man

Lessons on life

You taught me well

We’ve laughed and cried

Such stories to tell

Dad, you are a daughters

Dream come true

I wish every girl

Gets a father like you

Always Forever Dad


From my heart to yours dad

Your beloved daughter Suzy



I Miss You Like…..

I miss you

Like the sunshine

Misses it rays

My heart yearns for you

To please come home safe

You’ve taken my heart

keep it as my love

God makes us in pairs

Each of us has their one

You have always been mine

In this life and every one

I could not live a day

Without you by my side

God willing

I will be your bride

To love you an honour you

Each and every day

I’ll pray to God always

To keep you strong and safe

You are Gods gift to me

A treasure I adore

I’ll always be your strength

You my shield

From life’s storms


One Day….

I long to hear the sound

The velvety tones of your voice

Flowing through me

My spirit shall rejoice

I long to hear your heart beats

As I lay upon your chest

Like music they shall soothe me

Set my soul at rest

How I long to feel the warmth of you

Seeping through my soul

Covering me

Keeping me warm from the cold

To feel your hands in mine

Fingers laced intertwined

To hear your words…

“Will you be mine forever time?”

Upon which my heart shall chime

And sing it’s song….

I am his and he is mine

One day I hope I shall awake

To look and see your smiling gaze

As you Kiss my forehead

We gently embrace

You open the window

We welcome the day

One day…..