I love you dad. What can I say. It hurts me dearly To see you see way Forever bedridden Not able to move I often ask God Why this has happened to you I wish you could walk dad Hold my hand As we walk through the park Hand in hand But those days are … Continue reading Dad

I’m Tired

I’m tired I want to close my eyes and sleep To take a break from this world The awfulness I see in it. I’m tired Too many heartless people in this life They appear like angels But leave you with troubles and strifes. I’m tired Of those who do wrong Life is like the lyrics … Continue reading I’m Tired

Hearts and Tears

I can fill an ocean with these tears of mine. Hurt and sorrow at every climb. I could tell you some stories. Write a whole book. Tears are results of the path that I took. My heart feels broken. My trust on the floor. I let my walls down. Now I am bolting my door. … Continue reading Hearts and Tears

Fauji (Soldier)

Where are you my Fauji, When you are far from here? To where does your mind wander, When you’re not guarding here and there? Behind that tough exterior, Is there tenderness and care? If someone were to love you Would you let them inside there? That place you guard so dear? Come tell me my … Continue reading Fauji (Soldier)