One Day….

I long to hear the sound The velvety tones of your voice Flowing through me My spirit shall rejoice I long to hear your heart beats As I lay upon your chest Like music they shall soothe me Set my soul at rest How I long to feel the warmth of you Seeping through my … Continue reading One Day….


Silence Cuts…..

Words can cut like a knife Your feelings bleed Like you’ve been sliced No words of comfort No words of heal The silence hurts It shows how they don’t feel Though you try to be tough Not to show or reveal Silence is heartbreak Your layers unpeeled. ~SPB~

You Have To Be……

"At your weakest, be your strongest." There are times that you have to be at your strongest, even when you are feeling at your weakest. some how, you have to dig deep within yourself and find that hidden strength. Find that determination to carry on and not give up. Life can be so crushing at … Continue reading You Have To Be……