I Found #Me

I lost myself Trying to please everyone In order to please #Me I lost everyone But found: #Myself #MySanity #MySenseOfBeing #IFoundMe I don't know, is it being too soft or too naive? Maybe a people pleaser? To do things that make Your near and dear ones happy? Until one day you realise that in order … Continue reading I Found #Me

Petals of Perfume

She breathed in the roses that he sent. The fragrance she smelt was his scent. With each petal of perfume She missed him more That twinkle His laugh The smile she adored If each petal she counted Could be made wishes She would be in his arms Where his love and bliss is. #Always #His … Continue reading Petals of Perfume

Do We Choose…..?

Do we choose each other before we know? You exchange words Feelings grow You talk about things You're on the same track Before you know it Certain feelings react Deja vu and once again You've been here before Conversation is the same What he says next ... You'll know "Have we previously met?" Those questions … Continue reading Do We Choose…..?