I Found #Me

I lost myself

Trying to please everyone

In order to please #Me

I lost everyone

But found:





I don’t know, is it being too soft or too naive?

Maybe a people pleaser?

To do things that make

Your near and dear ones happy? Until one day you realise that in order to make everyone happy, you have compromised in life.

It is good to make others happy, as long as you don’t lose yourself in the process.



It Takes A Real Man…

Through His Eyes

I See Him Cry

Intense Emotions

At This Moment

It Takes A Man

To Show His Feelings

Some Would Run

Be Left Realing

But I See

I Feel

He’s 100% real



Such Men

You Keep

Don’t Laugh at his Tears

Such Men are Rear

“Tears Show He Cares”


You Don’t Show….

I need love
Attention too
Which of these things
Do I get from you?
Sometimes it feels
Like I….
Give Give Give
To give is good
But not all I want to live
I want to feel special
Be romanced too
Loved for me
What I say
What I do…..
I feel neglected
I feel amiss
I don’t see you
No hugs
No tender kiss
We speak on mobile
That’s our relations
But I need a human
Not electronic status
It’s not a good feeling
I really wouldn’t wish it.
You say you “Love Me”
I don’t see you show or prove it.


Petals of Perfume

She breathed in the roses that he sent.

The fragrance she smelt was his scent.

With each petal of perfume

She missed him more

That twinkle

His laugh

The smile she adored

If each petal she counted

Could be made wishes

She would be in his arms

Where his love and bliss is.




Do We Choose…..?

Do we choose each other before we know?

You exchange words

Feelings grow

You talk about things

You’re on the same track

Before you know it

Certain feelings react

Deja vu and once again

You’ve been here before

Conversation is the same

What he says next …

You’ll know

“Have we previously met?”

Those questions grow

There is no tension

You’re calm and relaxed

You feel connected

As if from way back…..


Heaven In Words…

He made Heaven In Words

On a Sea Of Dreams

He isn’t What You Think

Not Quite as he Seems

In Truth…

He’s Soft and Gentle

A Good and Kind Soul Too

If You are Real With Him

He’ll Be The Same With You.

He Spins his Words of Passion

Of Love and Feels….

Be Good to Him

What He Gives Back He Feels.