The Mask

Behind her mask

There is no smile

Tears are falling

Head in a cloud

Foggy thoughts

Painful mind

Hurtful memories

Timeless time

Trying to climb out

The darkness grows

She takes her pain

Head in her pillows

There is no light

Just a candle glows

Gently warming

Yet casting shadows



What makes people twisted?

What makes them so bad?

That they have to 

Mess your world up

It seems to make them glad 

Why do they do this?

It seems to give them pleasure 

Karma will catch them

God has their measure 

💔Heart 💔

I gave my heart

Just once too much

The hurt pained me

Like a punch

You swore that you 


Would love me dearly

You’ve hurt me raw

I’ll be honest

This was quite 


I guess with time 

I will digest it

My heart pains

Yet you smile

I judged you wrong 

Was out by miles

Whoever she is 

Whatever you do


God always see’s what you do

Do You Remember?

Do you remember

When we first spoke

Our souls connected

Loneliness broke

Do you remember

You and me

We knew

We were each other’s


Still each day

You make me smile

My heart flutters

“Oh I love that guy”

Do you remember dear

Endearments said

Always and forevermore

Love isn’t dead