Cut Adrift

“Sometimes Drifting Is Blissful”


I was being pulled back
To a place silent and dark
Yet in that silence
The volume was up
Still.. my silence
Was all I could hear
Alone in my darkness
I felt cut adrift
Sometimes drifting is blissful
But this was no wish.



Reaching Hands

So…it’s time to be strong
Be Bold
Life is a lesson
A story learnt
Told by me



It’s the strangest thing, how a life turning decision always seems to happen unplanned. Well most of the time…. People were reaching out to you. But you just didn’t digest it, didn’t take their hand.

Maybe you were not ready and  your inner core was telling you so¿ After all, doesn’t your spiritual self protect you, even through your darkest days?

You can take hold of the hands, and they can be there for you. Ultimately, only you can pull yourself out of the darkness. There is no quick and easy cure.


Living To Be Me

Why would you hurt me?

Why did you put me there?

I know…..

You didn’t care.

No love

No nurture

Just vent and cause me pain

You put me in harms way

You never felt ashamed

Still…. you take no blame

You told lies and accusations

To save you for your son

It wasn’t the first time

Won’t be the only one


Life has begun….

Pushed out


Too much drama for me

I’m walking alone now

What will be will be

“C’est La Vie”

“Living to be me”




Place unknown

If you find me

Please take me home

Home is where

My heart is

Where ever that can be

Please take me there

So I can find me….

I followed the wrong heart

Stayed there too long

Took me time

To see I did not belong

What if I met him now?

How will I know?

What is the feeling

That will tell me so?

My Jackie Mum once told me

“Sue it will just be

When you meet the right one

You will know

Just wait and see…”

I live and wait

Still being me…