Missing You 

Ameera opened the window, to let the night air in. Suddenly feeling as if all the air had been sucked from her. She inhaled deeply as she looked up at the full moon, wondering where he was and if he could see it. Her face was wet, she hadn’t realised that she had been crying. 

“Where are you, are you even thinking about me?” She asked the moon, as if it was him. In a house full of life and love, Ameera felt so alone. The tears, now dripped down her cheeks onto the window sill…. “I miss you.”


Changes: Being Real

There are changes in the air

Changes people fear

People fear what they feel

Will it hurt?

Is it real?

When you’ve changed

Then you’re a “snob”

Accusing me?

Is it your job?


I’m just being real

Being real is how I feel. 

Some Walks You Have To Take Alone.


As I look back and forward, I realise that “Some Walks You Have To Take Alone.” It wasn’t that family didn’t love you or care, in fact, quite the opposite.

Hindsight is an amazing thing and if I could turn around and take back all the anger and resentment  for all the times I thought that I  wasn’t cared for I would. It’s just that some paths in life, you have to walk alone and even then, you’re not quite as alone as you think. Your loved ones are still there, they have your back, in fact they always did, you just didn’t see it at the time. You don’t see it until years later, during one of those reflective moments, when things that were said come to mind. It’s funny how you just didn’t hear them when you should have. No, you were too full of life and what you thought you wanted or needed, that and stubbornness! ☺

It turns out though, that they weren’t wasted words and I did process them, I just put them in a box for future use. So dad, you didn’t, “waste your breath on me.”

Thank you family, your words of wisdom and help are now much appreciated. Albeit years later!

Love you xx

“A Cup Of Tea?”


“A cup of tea will make everything alright. A cup of tea will put the world to rights”…..well coined phrases and I do love my tea….

When was younger if I was unwell or upset, dad would make me a cup of tea and if dad an I had “disagreed,” neither of us wanting to speak first, dad would say, “cup of tea?” I would cross my arms, trying hard to be moody and say “yes.” We’d look at each other and start laughing.

If only life was like that and a cup of tea did make everything alright. But life’s not as simple as that.

Whilst tea quenches the thirst and is refreshing, it doesn’t solve everything; but it’s that moment you take while quenching your thirst that gives you time to process your thoughts and feelings, until you get that light bulb moment and see a way.

So in a way, maybe tea does help to make things alright….¿

“Thanks Dad…..Love You!” xx


EU Exit: Right or Wrong?

I went to sleep last night with a sick feeling in my stomach, Sunderland had voted with a huge majority of people voting for Exit. The figures were now in their favour, I had a sense of foreboding, turned off the TV and went to sleep.

When I woke, the words UK VOTES OUT were emblazoned across the screen. To say that I was devastated is an understatement. Worry an concern for my loved ones set in…… my Sister in law would be besides her self, I messaged her straight away, how right I was, they’d been tears. My brother, my sisters all feeling the same. We spoke quite passionately about it, our views still staunch and unwaivering.

As the Pound sterling drops value and the FTSE 100 plunges by £120 billion, the world markets are affected too and the EU want a quick exit from us, I wonder about the future and just how great, Great Britain will really be……

Only time will tell, but at what cost?

Still, “Better in than out!”

The Reflection

I wonder why things happen as they do¿

What happened to the little girl and the world she once knew?

Many people in and out of her life.

Life grabbing her and taking her for a ride… big surprise…..

Life knocks and we answer the call.

Sometimes we rise with it and sometimes we fall.

Yes, I’ve lived a life and I’ve lived it all.

But I’ve risen after every fall…..all.

After all said and done

This life is your only one

Live it to tell your daughters and sons…

I lived my life and lived it some……

Am I sorry?……

What’s done is done

Sorry if I hurt anyone.