The Reflection

I wonder why things happen as they do¿

What happened to the little girl and the world she once knew?

Many people in and out of her life.

Life grabbing her and taking her for a ride… big surprise…..

Life knocks and we answer the call.

Sometimes we rise with it and sometimes we fall.

Yes, I’ve lived a life and I’ve lived it all.

But I’ve risen after every fall…..all.

After all said and done

This life is your only one

Live it to tell your daughters and sons…

I lived my life and lived it some……

Am I sorry?……

What’s done is done

Sorry if I hurt anyone.







3 thoughts on “The Reflection

  1. Just having a. Funny day, my dog is not well so it has been a little hectic
    Hope to see him soon we thought we had lost him

    I am sure he will be happy to see us the kids are waiting for him xxx


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