2am Rhyme

It’s a funny old life
Or so they say
But I guess I wouldn’t have it
Any other way
Life is colourful
An Explosive scene
Come take a look
You’ll know what I mean
Dancing in the kitchen
Singing my song
The words I always
Get quite wrong
While dinner is cooking
Asian theme
It’s the house favourite
It does taste supreme…
Before I know It
It’s late night
I’m trying to pen my thoughts
My thoughts are being tight
Soon it’s 2am
A writers time
Out come my thoughts
In my rhyme
It’s way past 2am
It’s Ms Baron Time




Drunk On Tired

I’m tired

But my mind won’t let me Sleep

I try to close my eyes

My heart skips a beat

Just a few moments

My soul won’t let me rest

What’s up body?

I just cannot digest!

Though tiredness hits me

Like a drunken mess

I laugh

I giggle

This tiredness just jests

Come to me soon

My soul

My heart

Must rest.



I Think of You…

Everyday I think of you

You make me smile

By just being you

We barely touch hands

Your touch lingers

With just the slightest

Tips of our fingers

You are always a thought

Inside my head

I wish I could tell you

So I’m writing instead

There aren’t many gentleman

Such as you

You make me smile

Just be you….