Meet Me….

Meet me under the moonlit sky

Souls reunited

You and I

Torn apart by destiny

We shall find each other





User ….

Do you like being you?

Aren’t you bothered

By the wrong things you do?

There’s no point asking

If you even care

The evidence shows

You have no conscience there

If you were a female

The world would call you names

But you’re a man

Who gives men a bad name

I am a woman who feels

You cut me up

My Wounds not healed

You kept on taking

Money and phones

You left me nothing

But worries and woes

I neither hate you

Nor do I care

Hate is an emotion

I have none for you

No fear…

It seems in life

What will be will be

Life is a lesson

Karma the key



Happy Birthday?


A quiet day spent alone
No door knocks
No continuous phone
Found myself wishing
I wasn’t here
Why should I be?
Who would care?
All of a sudden
I picked up my phone
Media messages
Exploded my phone.


I’ve come not to like birthdays, my birthdays. I find them lonely, if
not depressing.

However, this birthday was more different than usual. I had a duvet day. Actually I had the most painful migraine, which had began the night before. But it’s still a duvet day.😊


Music… The circle of Life

Music is the circle of life

It plays when you’re born

You listen in strife

You dance when you’re happy

When you’re husband and wife

When it’s your birthday

It’s Big Speaker Style

The day after

Relaxing time

While in the kitchen

Radio on

The DJ is rapping

Your favourite song

The lyrics grab you

You get your groove on

Life is a music

Life is a song

Life is a circle

With music notes on.



Sun Beams

The sun is shining down on me
It’s sunrays beaming
Making me happy.
It’s strange in an instance
How things can be
Grey’s are fading
Bringing radiant beams
It seems someone….
Has their eyes on me
I didn’t know….
Who can he be?
I guess it’s life
A wait and see
I’m touched
A person even likes me….