User ….

Do you like being you? Aren't you bothered By the wrong things you do? There's no point asking If you even care The evidence shows You have no conscience there If you were a female The world would call you names But you're a man Who gives men a bad name I am a woman … Continue reading User ….

Happy Birthday?

A quiet day spent alone No door knocks No continuous phone Found myself wishing I wasn't here Why should I be? Who would care? All of a sudden I picked up my phone Media messages Exploded my phone. I've come not to like birthdays, my birthdays. I find them lonely, if not depressing. However, this … Continue reading Happy Birthday?

Music… The circle of Life

Music is the circle of life It plays when you're born You listen in strife You dance when you're happy When you're husband and wife When it's your birthday It's Big Speaker Style The day after Relaxing time While in the kitchen Radio on The DJ is rapping Your favourite song The lyrics grab you … Continue reading Music… The circle of Life