And In The End…..

And in the end……..
There was only #She
Some paths in life


Some sadness
Some tears
Some things




A New Path

Where will it lead….?



Clouds and Shadows…

Why does the sun rise

Yet it’s still dark?

The moon shines bright

Still not a spark¿

Clouds and Shadows

Float and Roam

Enveloped in her blanket

Darkness her Home.


Be Like a Mirror….

Life’s “funny”

People change

You ponder a while

You know you’ve stayed

You’re still you

Flaws too

You feel good

To just be you

Why pretend

An act like you’re not

You are true To yourself

Still got the plot….

People assume



Just be yourself

Come what may

To be you

Shows you are strong

Why be someone else?

You wouldn’t belong

Be not like the ocean

Be not like the sea

Be like a mirror

I am what you see.”


Still Being Me

Thank You….

You complete me

You calm my storm

You fill my heart

When it’s cold an worn

Your gentle voice

Brings me into touch

Reassuring me

When it’s all too much

You make me smile

When I want to drown

Turning my sadness

Upside down

You take my hand

So tenderly

“Don’t worry,” you say

“You’ve got me.”

I wish the world

Could be like you

There would be Peace and Love

Dreams come true.

God sends us people

At his behest

He saw me sinking

Thought it best

Thank you God

For watching me

I always feel you

You’re here with me

When I feel alone

In the dark

You shine your light

Create a shaft

“My Faith

My Trust

My Belief In You

Stay Inside Me

Carry Me Through”

Thank You


Emptiness and Me

A few moments of brightness
Where the sunlight
Seeps through the clouds
Enlightenment fills me
I smile
There is no frown
Enthusiasm floating
I’m on top
No dark an down
All too soon
The clouds descend
No smile
A sad frown
This darkness is disabling
I’m stuck
My mind numb
I want to do the things I’ve said
But my ability is on the run
Have faith
Please don’t give up on me
I earnestly try to say
My mouth opens
My words have gone away
I try to eat
Hunger gone
Lose weight
Skinny is best
People say I’ve lost weight
I’m feeling huge instead
It’s like a game of mind control
My mind controlling me
What I see when I look
Is inside of me
The day moves on
I cannot eat
Food an alien to me
I want to eat
But I can’t
I won’t let me
So I eat a child’s portion
Now it’s sat in me
I don’t like the feeling
Empty is best for me

Emptiness and Me


The First Time I Saw You…

The first time I saw you

I felt strangely calm

My nerves had left me

Which left me alarmed

You took my hand gently

Reassuring me too

I felt myself thinking

Wow, “Look at you!”

God has his plans

I firmly agree

Our past was experience

Our future #You & #Me


What You See….

You think you know
Things that life has bestowed
What you really know
Is what you’ve been told
Things in your mind
That seeds have sowed
Are you totally you
Or unknowingly controlled?
They feed you stories
Info they need you to behold

They’re selling you out…..

You need to take hold

Sometimes what you see

Are images that you’re being sold




Governments be told

You work for your country

Not your bars of Gold….