Be Like a Mirror….

Life's "funny" People change You ponder a while You know you've stayed You're still you Flaws too You feel good To just be you Why pretend An act like you're not You are true To yourself Still got the plot.... People assume Judge Say Just be yourself Come what may To be you Shows you … Continue reading Be Like a Mirror….

Thank You….

You complete me You calm my storm You fill my heart When it's cold an worn Your gentle voice Brings me into touch Reassuring me When it's all too much You make me smile When I want to drown Turning my sadness Upside down You take my hand So tenderly "Don't worry," you say "You've … Continue reading Thank You….

Emptiness and Me

A few moments of brightness Where the sunlight Seeps through the clouds Enlightenment fills me I smile There is no frown Enthusiasm floating I’m on top No dark an down All too soon The clouds descend No smile A sad frown This darkness is disabling I’m stuck My mind numb I want to do the … Continue reading Emptiness and Me

What You See….

You think you know Things that life has bestowed What you really know Is what you've been told Things in your mind That seeds have sowed Are you totally you Or unknowingly controlled? They feed you stories Info they need you to behold They're selling you out..... You need to take hold Sometimes what you … Continue reading What You See….