I Care Not……

I’ve Stopped Caring
For what They Say
For They Care Not Anyway
They Sit in High Towers
Peer Down and See
People They Think
Are Far Beneath
Only God🙏
Can look down and judge
You act Godlike
You’re out of touch

I sincerely wish
You could see
People Are Equal
Not Your Beneath


You Are My Heart

I miss you
You are my heart and soul.
You’re in my every thought and note.
I love you
More than my words can say.
Without you here
My heart breaks.
I feel so lost
No direction.
You’re not here
I’m ill
Missing you is my infection.
Come home soon
Come back my heart
If loving is an illness
I was ill from the start…..
I miss you….


We Both Knew…

He picked up my heart

Lifted my soul


We both know

Some words need saying

Some words don’t

We watched in loud silence

The silence spoke

My head rest on strong shoulders

Our minds at peace

He must be the one…..

I feel very me

He’s loving

So caring

Gentle too

He’s my blessing

From God

My Sweet Guy who

Puts a smile on my face

So I can face YOU……

The World……

Myself too……


Is A Man Supposed To…..?

Is a man supposed to make you feel



Like it’s all been unreal

Is he supposed to make you cry

To question yourself

To ask yourself why

Is he???

You give an give

Get excuses




But empty arms

It’s not things

But appreciation


That’s the right station

It’s the little things

That shows he cares


A note

Sweet nothings in your ears

It’s not there

Still I care

My conscience is here

Is that weird?

Why can’t I be like his Queen

Feel loved


Like I’m unique

He doesn’t show it….

Yes I like the chat

The charm

But a beautiful heart


Big open warm arms

What’s the harm…?

To love and feel loved

Such a wondrous feeling

Fills you with positive vibes

It’s even healing

It’s not what I’m feeling

Guess I do need healing

From the pain






It’s all self revealing