A Sweet Thought…

I found my smile

In his words & thoughts

In the sweet things he says

When he thinks of me

And sends me a 💓

Checking if I am okay

Such a sweet man to give me a thought

At the end of his long tiring day.

His mother must be so proud of the man he is today.



I Like Him Because….

I Like Him….
He Makes Me Smile….

I Like Him….
Because We Can Talk
Deep For A While….

I Like Him….
Because He Is Emotionally #Strong

I Like Him….
With Him I Am Still Someone….

I Like Him….
Because He Believes

I Like Him Because…
He is Unique….

I Like Him Because….

He Laughs With Me

I Like Him Because….


What if We Love Too Much…?

I Want to know you

But my heart is scared

Of loves touch…

What if we love and…

I love you too much…

Yet strangely you know me

More with each day

My silly jokes and quirks

All the things I say

I feel your fear

I hear your hearts beat

You think I don’t know

But yes… I see it


An Empty Vessel

You drained me

Left my dry

Used my emotions

Till I’m empty inside

Love isn’t money

Or things it can bring

But it seems for you

That was the only thing

I’m left with nothing

I stand alone

I know you’ll still call

But.. Leave me alone

You’ve done me over

My heart is bare

I’m just an empty vessel

Nothing left to share


My Favourite Hours

When the world is asleep and all I can hear is the night and my thoughts, which are filled with you. Those are my favourite hours.

When we talk into the early hours and you are just you. Those are my favourite hours.

Every moment with you, those are my favourite hours.

You…. are my favourite time of every day.

For you are my life.