Who’s There?

Where do you go when you sit and stare? We see a wall For you, somebody's there. I believe you see what you see You've tried to clearly explain I heard you Daddy It wasn't in vain I promise Nobody thinks that you're going insane. All those who love you We understand I try to … Continue reading Who’s There?

A veil descends….

Darkness descends on me like a veil  Feeling closed in Like I can't get out of jail Looking to see A chink of light It's all in vein There's no ray in sight  When will this veil Be lifted from me  When will the wind blow And set me free  I see no key to unlock … Continue reading A veil descends….

I Learnt To….

I learnt to smile without you My broken pieces  I mended with glue The cracks are still there  For all to see  But those cracks are scars  Healing for me They say that life... Still goes on  Yet you're a thought in my head The words in a song Along with your cases You took my … Continue reading I Learnt To….