Who’s There?

Where do you go when you sit and stare?

We see a wall

For you, somebody’s there.

I believe you see what you see

You’ve tried to clearly explain

I heard you Daddy

It wasn’t in vain

I promise Nobody thinks that you’re going insane.

All those who love you

We understand

I try to deny that I lose you each day

Life’s such a bitch sometimes

But God has his ways

I love you so much

This fills me with pain

But just for you I’ll smile

Veil my pain

You’ll keep your dignity

You’ll keep your pride

Whenever I see you
My sadness I’ll hide
It’s so hard to write
Through a fountain of tears
Crying out memories
Dear cherished years
Why you?
I don’t understand
Neither God’s reasons
Or this particular plan
I’ll do anything
Beg plead and pray
Just to reverse this

Make you ok.

Just know this Dad

I cherish each day

All the love that you’ve given me

Will always stay.

Just don’t leave too soon

I beg you

Please stay……



Mr Baron….

Dad don’t leave
Then I won’t have to cry

My tears will stay in

My soaked face will dry

I’ll never be ready

For a forever Goodbye

God made you for me

Stay with me…. Try

I love all your stories
How when I am sad

You still make me laugh

Dad, I am glad

To be your daughter

Your dear little girl

Ok….. I’ve grown up now

Such is the world

Dad you’re my hero

Always have been

My knight in armour

Always rescuing me

If I had to choose again

I would always choose you

I Love You So much Dad

Part of me is you.


A veil descends….

Darkness descends on me like a veil 

Feeling closed in

Like I can’t get out of jail

Looking to see

A chink of light

It’s all in vein

There’s no ray in sight 

When will this veil

Be lifted from me 

When will the wind blow

And set me free 

I see no key to unlock the door

So I wait and I wait……

Though I  don’t know what for

In my darkness

Where People can’t see

I’m ok alone 

I just want to be me

I Learnt To….

I learnt to smile without you

My broken pieces 

I mended with glue

The cracks are still there 

For all to see 

But those cracks are scars 

Healing for me

They say that life…

Still goes on 

Yet you’re a thought in my head

The words in a song

Along with your cases

You took my heart

Then callously dropped it

On the path

Now I’m walking that path

Without you

My spirit lifted 

No shades of you