He fills me with his happiness

Makes me bloom

I smile inside and out

Gone is the gloom

I waited for him

From the first time we met

Our eyes spoke silently

My mind was set

Fate had a hand

Destiny too

His arms warm me

His caring heart too




The Most Important Things…..

The most important things are not things.

They’re hugs

Holding hands

Someone who understands

Rising early to see the sun

Watching the moon

With your special one

Showing love

Tender care


Just being there

A gentle kiss on your cheek

Just because you are so sweet

Cups of tea

Little notes

With words of Love

Thoughtful quotes.

The most important things are not things.




How have your days been

How lies the sky

Where does your mind go

In the quiet of night

Are your dreams

As your thoughts

Where love’s passion resides

How far do you wonder

In the bustle of the day

Do your thoughts

Stay at home

Or do they wonder far away

You feel like passion

Sensual too

Your words like smooth chocolate

Sweet like you

Under your gaze

A woman would be quite undone

She would melt within moments

At your touch’s run….



Part of The Universe

Finally no holds on me

I turned

Faced the wind

I’m flying free

That Feeling

Like nothing in earth

Feels like I’m part of the universe

The weight on my shoulders

Fell as I flew

I didn’t look back

Look backs won’t do

I feel the breeze

Face the sun

The hold that you had

Forever undone

I won’t say I’ll see you

That just won’t do

I’ll just go be me

You, whatever suits you.



Flirting with Happiness

Ameera was tired, the kind of tired in which no amount of sleep seemed to satiate her. She just wanted to lay her head on his warm chest and fall asleep to the sounds of his heartbeats. But she could do neither of those things. For once again, life had come crashing in and flirting with their happiness, tempting it to go astray and once again it had won.

“How many more times!?” She yelled, flinging her arms up as she looked up to the sky. “How many more times?” She barely whispered, as she as she sat down against a huge oak tree sobbing.

Ameera’s heart raced as she cried. Painful palpitations causing her to curl up against the tree. She took long deep breaths, inhaling through her nose and exhaling through her mouth, until she was calmer and the palpitations eased, leaving pain in her chest. She knew that she should go home now, but she liked the silence and being alone, just her, nature and God. It was calming. She checked her phone as she got up to go, so many messages and missed calls. Her mom and dad would be worried about her.