You Heard Me

You heard me lord….

When I prayed 

You sent what I asked for 

The very next day 

I felt you lord 

When I cried 

You were kneeling 

By my side 

You were there 

When I was weak

I was so tired lord 

You lifted my feet

You will be there

In my hour of need 

My faith unwaivering

My soul complete

You hear me lord.


And So…

And so it came to pass 

Words that people say 

Stories that they whisper

Will they wash away?

Some people like to lie

To take the truth and bend it

But karma is a bitch sometimes 

Karma is going to mend it… 

Do We Get The Happiness That we’re Destined For or Do We Create Our Own Happiness?

An interesting question that will definitely receive a variety of answers, because people have different  beliefs. For example, I believe in destiny, so does that mean I believe that I will get the happiness that I am destined to have..?  I don’t believe so. The situations and circumstances which we are in, create our happiness, in essence, 

we are the creators of our own happiness.”

Depending on someone else to create your happiness and make you happy is limiting, unless you are genuinely happy within yourself first and foremost. Very much like, 

“You have to learn to love yourself, before anyone else can love you.”

Just to play, devil’s advocate. What about those with mental health issues? Depressive Disorder. Bi Polar Disorder, to name but a few. They can’t be creating their unhappiness can they?  After all, they’re ill, they have  a chemical imbalance and require various forms of therapy. 

You can’t help how you feel when you’re suffering with depression, for example. You’re not choosing to be unhappy. Suddenly, it’s like a dark cloud descending on you, totally surrounding you. Wrapping itself tightly around you. You don’t choose it. It chooses you. That long dark tunnel, but with the right help, you can start walking that tunnel and lifting the clouds. It takes time, but in doing so, you’re choosing happiness then; surely?

Suddenly, the answers don’t seem quite as simple as I thought they would be…. But life isn’t simple is it?  That’s a whole different subject. One thing I do know, is that we deserve to be happy and I wish you all the happiness that you desire and more. 

Take care…… S💕