Darkness Descending 

Save me from my darkness

Shield me from the storm

On cold and lonely night’s

Hold me

Keep me warm

I fight to see the sunlight

Through the darkened skies

I move my lips to call out

My words won’t come outside

“Why?” People ask me

I wish I could say

When the darkness falls

I don’t know is all I say

It’s not of my choosing

To fall from my descent

When the darkness covers me

It grabs hold

It’s hell bent



Like A pill…

Do you miss me
Am I like a drug
If you don’t hear me
Is Your heart on the run
Do you listen in silence
But hear me still
Does my poetry stir you
Or make you chill
Does your mind wonder
Question your choice
Do you fight with your conscience
Or fight with your voice
Does your soul pull and sway you
Tourment your mind
Do you answer your questions
Then more questions you find…
Do You….


It Hurt’s….

It hurts…..Love 

No floating hearts

No turtle doves

Who said love is good 

Was fooled..

She’s been smashed
Into pieces
Hurt has ruled
Promises broken
Endearments once spoken
It hurts
Such pain
This broken heart
Gone to cry in the rain
Once Again..

She’s walking in pain 

What’s the point in life?

What’s there to gain?

A blind moment of happiness

Followed by





A blessing?

A lesson learned 

Not such a good gain 

Lord give her strength 

Hold her once again

Give her your warmth

Your love

Take her pain….