Onto Blank Canvas

A Sea of letters

Ocean of dreams

Souls of emotions

Fills words with meaning

Words spun in my head

Flows through my veins

Onto blank canvas

Where words are the frame.



He Is……

He is quite unforgettable
I tried…
So I should know
I tried in the music
But my Remembering
Began to show
I tried eating chocolates
But those sweet memories
Were bliss
Bliss brought a memory
To mind
That first…..

When my heart and soul were his

Now it’s gone amiss….


How Many Times?

How many times did I look

But I didn’t quite see?

How long was I being someone else…..?

Rather than being me…..

How many times did we speak?

Yet I didn’t hear your heart

Words seeping through your poetic prose

Was I really so oblivious in my heart?

It seems like….

Those we should notice

We are blind to from the start

I saw you

I heard you

But my mind was a world apart.


Silence Your Mind….

They say “Silence your mind and hear your soul.”

But my mind won’t silence

My soul’s on hold

I’ve tried being quiet

I struggled to hear

The cogs keep on turning

Not letting me near

Perhaps it’s protecting

Defending me


It’s best not to hear

Best not to see

When my mind is ready

My soul will be