My Sun & Moon

Are you my Sun?

Are you my moon?

Do you watch what I say?

Or watch what I do?

Do you know my secrets?

The thoughts in my head?

That we have a connection 

By an invisible thread?



I felt you Dear

Back like fresh air 

Your aura appeared 

Close to me here 

The thought hit my heart 

Made it quick start

Strange as it seems

You fill me with peace

My Favourite Tune 

You are my favourite tune 

In my head 

Night and Noon 

As I lay in my bed 

Your face swims in my head

Your tuneful tones 

Calms and soothes me

In my dream of dreams 

You are with me 

I rest my head 

On your chest

Your beating heart

Plays music 

At my behest



He has the most expressive eyes 

I saw his face 

My stomach jived

I felt sparks 

Chemistry too

Should I say..? 

Way too soon

Some paths cross 

Destiny’s choice 

God’s decision 

God’s choice 

When we meet 

Will sparks fly

Or will he turn 


Take flight 

Expressive faces 

Leave nothing to hide….

Coffee for two?

Black or white?