I feel You 

I feel you 

Broken Within 

I’ve Tried to fix you 

But You won’t let me in

I Feel your….

Dark sorrows…

Let Me help you 

We’ll have tomorrows 

I feel you’re

Wanting to smile 

Let me in

I’ll  make the sun shine.

I feel your soul

Wanting to grow 

Let me in…

I’ll make it glow…

I feel you


I Tried To…..

I tried to find words 

That I wanted to say

But the words wouldn’t come

The words wouldn’t stay

I wanted to tell you 

Just how I feel 

How I loved you so dearly

That my love was real

I needed to feel your …..

Strong tender arms

Holding me tightly 

Warding off harm….

But you wouldn’t talk 

You wouldn’t say 

I saw your back

As you walked away

My feelings were….




What you felt….

I don’t know anymore….

I miss you 

I miss you 

Like the rain 

Falling on a summers day

I miss you 

Deep within 

Your precious heart

Always giving

I miss you 

Your infectious laugh

It makes me smile

I miss you 

Being daft 

You’re such a clown

You fool around 

I miss you still

I miss your smile

So warm and bright

Softens your face

What a sight

I miss you and me

Being together

Pure harmony 

I Miss You 

Miss me……..

I Miss We……