#Faith #Love #Destiny 

She wandered alone But not quite alone Not quite lost Destination unknown Just her and her shadow The desert sun Roaming Drifting No need to run She followed the path That Destiny set Drawn like a magnet The pull stronger yet Faith her companion God as her guide Over the Sand Dunes Her soul Her … Continue reading #Faith #Love #Destiny 

I wish….

I wish I Could fall asleep  To your heartbeat With my head  Pillowed by your chest Feel your warm arms  As they hold me tight And the world outside Has fled..... Men like you Are Precious dear Tender Loving Big hearted  Such care You're a Red Diamond  So rare  Not found too often  Handle with … Continue reading I wish….

Where Is Your Smile?

They keep asking me "WHERE is your smile?" I don't know It's been gone for a while I've been searching in earnest But in truth.... I've lost track  It's been ages  Yes ages I do want it back  If you happen to see it Please do let me know Return it by delivery  Don't let … Continue reading Where Is Your Smile?

Just When You Thought….

Just When You think that you are controlling the reins of your life.... BOOM!! Like the unexpected twist in a thriller. Actually, if it was a thriller, you could turn the pages to the end to see what happens. Alas life doesn't permit that. In Britain as well as other countries, the law says, "Innocent … Continue reading Just When You Thought….

Poisoned words….

She was blinded She saw what she wanted to see A daughter A loving mummy The blinkers fell off Life cast its spell There was no love Just hatred and hell She threw at her words Her virolic spiel True feelings True life Rawly revealed Words can hurt badly Deep gushing cuts It's happened quite … Continue reading Poisoned words….