Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I heard me say

I should know

I see me every day

Who are you?

My reflection cried

You should know

I’m by your side

What are you?

My shadow said

Or was it that thought

In my head?

You always seem to follow me

Why don’t you run?

Go, be free!

But shadow….

You always follow me

Because I am you

You are me

We’re who we are meant to be

Do you see?!

You are you

I am me!


Not Enough Time 

There is not enough time 

For you and me

Whether it’s 

Quarter to ten 

Quarter to three

When will enough time be

When will we abundantly see

Plentiful time for

You and me

A Place 

She went to place

She didn’t like being

Where darkness reigned

No sunlight crept in

It hit her suddenly

This dismal land

Surrounded by people

Yet alone

Closed hands

No exit or path

Could she find

She didn’t see

A door

With a lock

No jangly keys

She sat back

She let it all be

The darkness will fade

She would smile

She would see

Where darkness dwelled

Her mind would be free

Just Be You

You should really just be you

Not who others want you to

Be yourself 

Your true being 

Show yourself 

As you want to be seen 

Don’t let someone turn you around

And turn your smile 

Into a frown 

Always flourish

Bloom and grow 

Don’t give the key to….

“I told you so!”

You as you are 

You’re pretty fab 

A fact that should make you glad 

Too much pressure 

Too much strain

Don’t let it get to you

Drive you insane



Be renewed 

Be who you are

Just be you.

A Day Not To Remember……? 

 So….. the day I can honestly say that I was dreading has come and gone. 

A birthday….. Yes, I Know that we all have to have birthdays, but I really haven’t been looking forward to this one. I wished that I could sleep and wake when the day was over. But alas, no. 

Okay, so I’ve hit a milestone and it does make you look back in reflection at your life. What you have achieved, people in your life. There have been changes, some big changes and this birthday definitely turned out to be more revealing than I thought it would be. Enabling me to see, not just with my eyes, but with my heart. Hence my quote, 

“It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts.”  – Qur’an 22:46

I see that, when you love people or hold them in deep affection, although you see physically, your heart can be blinded to certain things, because of that love or affection and sometimes it takes something specific to make you see with your heart and that’s not always the best experience. So as opposed to a spring clean, I’m having a “people clean”.

That’s just the thing with milestones in your life. They do tend to bring  the changes too. So my period of dread, has turned into a positive and thankful experience. 

Reflecting over, now it’s time for new tomorrows and happy yesterdays.  

To know Me Is To Understand 

I didn’t ask for your help

Didn’t reach out my hand

Just doing my thing

Dealing with life’s hand

Just a sweet word

Would have been great
But you spat hurt

That was your mistake

Still family

So I love you

Like you…No

Seems in tough times

True colours show

I’ll Always be me

I’ll show you my hand

I’ll tell you one thing