Who Am I?

Who Am I? I heard me say I should know I see me every day Who are you? My reflection cried You should know I'm by your side What are you? My shadow said Or was it that thought In my head? You always seem to follow me Why don't you run? Go, be free! … Continue reading Who Am I?

Just Be You

You should really just be you Not who others want you to Be yourself  Your true being  Show yourself  As you want to be seen  Don't let someone turn you around And turn your smile  Into a frown  Always flourish Bloom and grow  Don't give the key to.... "I told you so!" You as you … Continue reading Just Be You

A Day Not To Remember……? 

 So..... the day I can honestly say that I was dreading has come and gone.  A birthday..... Yes, I Know that we all have to have birthdays, but I really haven't been looking forward to this one. I wished that I could sleep and wake when the day was over. But alas, no.  Okay, so … Continue reading A Day Not To Remember……? 

To know Me Is To Understand 

I didn't ask for your help Didn't reach out my hand Just doing my thing Dealing with life's hand Just a sweet word Would have been great But you spat hurt That was your mistake Still family So I love you Like you...No Seems in tough times True colours show I'll Always be me I'll … Continue reading To know Me Is To Understand