Johnny: Father’s Day

My second dad

I have to say

You are so missed in every way.

The way you laughed,

Joked and smiled.

A playful grandad by the mile.

Nearly a year, I can’t believe.

It still feels like you’ve just gone to sleep.

Life is duller without you,

It’s an understatement and so true.

Sleep well grandad

Rest In Peace.

You’re loved & missed Johnny.

But gladly pain free❤

I still can’t write or say your name

My eyes flood

I feel such pain

It hurts badly

Cuts like a knife

I know you’re happy

In paradise

Time hasn’t healed

It’s still hard to bare

I wish beyond measure

You were still here

To see you once

Hear your voice

How I would cheer and rejoice

Sleep soundly

Be at ease

Stay forever in heavenly peace.


I Miss You, Love

“Sue, how do you do?!”

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