Together Yet Miles Apart.

His was a dark and lonely soul, tormented by loss, sadness and regret. Attempts to get close to him, were rebuffed in a cool distant manner.

Still, Ameera loved him deeply. She would never give up on him. Underneath his darkness, she knew that he had a good heart and love to give. She just had to find a way to make him see it. She gazed at him as he sat watching the sunset over the ocean. Both deep in thought, together, yet miles apart and she swore that she would mend his darkened fragmented heart…..


My Best Friend 

It’s true, that people come and go from your life. 

Not my best friend, she’s always there. We talk as if there have been no days or hours between conversations. 

Seventeen years and we’ve lived, laughed and cried. We have a deep bond that goes beyond friendship. Soul sisters, we know each other so well. She knows my mood just by text and she’ll say, “Come on Baron, what’s wrong?!” There’s no pretence with us, there’s loyalty and honesty.

No matter what is happening in our busy lives, we’re there for each other. 

Thank you hun, just for being you and for keeping me sane in a sometimes crazy world. 

Love you lots xx 

Judge Me When You’re Perfect


Why do people think that it’s okay to judge you, especially when they don’t know the inner you, only the tiny bits they see?

They have no clue or understanding of what’s going on in your life, in your head or why. Yet still, they make assumptions about you in a God like manner, not thinking that; maybe there’s a reason you’re not acting like your usual self. 

At such moments, I have learned to take a deep breathe in and smile and at that point I’m thinking, how amazing it must for them, to be so perfect that they’re in the position to judge.

Every person handles the various emotional aspects of their lives differently. That’s one of the things that makes us all unique.

But like my Dad says, “Those in glass houses……”


Missing You 

Ameera opened the window, to let the night air in. Suddenly feeling as if all the air had been sucked from her. She inhaled deeply as she looked up at the full moon, wondering where he was and if he could see it. Her face was wet, she hadn’t realised that she had been crying. 

“Where are you, are you even thinking about me?” She asked the moon, as if it was him. In a house full of life and love, Ameera felt so alone. The tears, now dripped down her cheeks onto the window sill…. “I miss you.”