I would Have….

I would have waited for you for as long as it took.

You are my heart beat
The ending of my book

You are the thought that makes makes me smile
You make me glow from the inside

Your thoughtful words
Sweet things you do
Fill me with gladness
Thoughts of you



How I feel….

When you’re far and I have fear

I hear your voice

To feel you near

You soothe my heart

Ease my mind

My body relaxes

Peace I find


I wish I could feel you

Hold your hand

Feel your hugs

Like you were my man

If only you knew

If you could just see

My inner most thoughts

My truth

How I feel

What would you do?

What would you say?

Would you say NOTHING?

Just stay away?

If I don’t say?

Would you still know

Would you feel it deep
Within your soul?






She was feeling okay

Then the tears came

She wiped them away

Again and again

Suddenly sadness came

Pain would be better

It wouldn’t remain

The mists fell around her

They turned to dark clouds

She tried to tell them

They wasn’t allowed

Though she tried

No words came

Her tears fell once more

Like heavy rain

She tried to stop them

It was in vain



Our World…..

I can’t wait to see you

To fall into your embrace

For the sound of your heartbeat

Blush under your gaze

You make my heart flutter

You make me glow

You warm me from the inside out

Even when it’s cold

You fill me with laughter

You fill me with glee

When we’re together

In our world

We’re happy as can be.



You Should Be….?

You know you should be happy

But you’re feeling deeply blue

Outside the wind is blowing

The fence blown over too

The movie that you watch

Brews emotions

Brings on tears

Now they won’t stop falling

Anxiety has reared


Your heart’s beating


It doesn’t slow

You wish you could escape from it

Too intense

They just won’t go

Darkness veils you

Covers you like night

Like it’s trying to give you comfort

As you sit by the window light.


A Beloved Friend

Darkness is not coloured blue

It’s pitch black

With no light hues

No dark shadows

You’re all alone

Strangely though

It feels like home

Wrapped around you

Like a beloved friend

But in this friendship

No happiness blends

Fake laughter

False smiles too

Tears of sadness

Making deep dark pools

Thoughts like voices

Inside your head

Did you say that?

Or was it inside your head?

Sleep deprivation

Clouds your mind

The sensible thoughts

You cannot find

Sleep finds you

During the day

In that sleep

You want to stay

All of a sudden

Light creeps in

“Hey my friend, where’ve you been?”


Always You….

For me, it was always you

But life tends to happen

We took different routes

You, I could never forget

From the very first time

Our eyes locked

My heart set

This one thing I do understand

Sometimes it’s the wrong time

But the right one

We led different lives

Again we met

The years rolled back

My heart was set

It was Always You…..



He’s Right Here

A smile….

That speaks words unspoken

A look….

That tells you more than words can say


All around us is silent

Though the room is loud

With people full of something to say

Hands held across the table

Gentle yet rough from his everyday

Those eyes of his twinkle

Silently…. But they have much to say

This story….

Was long written

The middle is right here

The ending…. remains unwritten

Though strangely I hold no fear 


He’s right here




You Can’t Break Something That Is Already Broken.

Don’t worry about

Breaking me

Or making me sad

Because you can’t

Break something

That is already Broken

Or sadden someone

Who is already sad

You can’t push me down further… anymore

Than laying like a puzzle

On the the living room floor

Puzzles come together

Whole As before.

You will be you

A user

A joke

one of life’s wrong ones

A heartless bloke

You will not repent

You see no wrong

But you will be judged

When your day comes along.