If I Told You….

If I told you that I loved you Would you still be there? Or would you turn and run With my feelings laid bare? The best things in life, happens naturally. Like the way people meet, Then talk so fancy free. We could talk for hours. Forever and a day, While we laugh and you … Continue reading If I Told You….

Your Magic Touch

You have the magic touch Your voice silky smooth Soothes me so much Tender tones, show me you care I find myself wishing I was with you there I would lay on your chest So broad and strong Listen to your heartbeats Like a melodic song Sleep would find me Filling me with dreams Dreams … Continue reading Your Magic Touch

Fallen Man….

‪Isn’t anyone real anymore?‬ ‪Can’t you be what you say?‬ ‪I thought you were a gentleman ‪All your words‬ Just empty things you say‬ ‪You see you don’t know me‬ ‪I’m not for play‬ ‪My heart My soul ‬ ‪Are not toys ‬ ‪I’m made with blood ‬ ‪Not clay ‬ ‪I would rather be … Continue reading Fallen Man….


‪I didn’t notice your greying hair‬ That you were ageing ‬ ‪I just loved you and cared‬ ‪I saw only the love you gave‬ The tender looks upon your face‬ ‪I felt a fathers beautiful pure love‬ Cuddles Kisses Daddy’s hugs‬ ‪Sickness came and took hold‬ ‪Showing me your pain‬ ‪“Suddenly You Are Old”‬ ‪~SPB~‬ … Continue reading Suddenly

A Hearts Dream.

How I wish you could hear my hearts whisper and make my dream come true. To have such love, dreamers dream of. A love, so deep, so true. Soulmates. Me and You. ~SPB~ Life has taught me many lessons. My parents have definitely taught me much about life. But I had to be in the … Continue reading A Hearts Dream.

I’m Tired

I’m tired I want to close my eyes and sleep To take a break from this world The awfulness I see in it. I’m tired Too many heartless people in this life They appear like angels But leave you with troubles and strifes. I’m tired Of those who do wrong Life is like the lyrics … Continue reading I’m Tired