You Have To Be……

“At your weakest, be your strongest.”

There are times that you have to be at your strongest, even when you are feeling at your weakest. some how, you have to dig deep within yourself and find that hidden strength. Find that determination to carry on and not give up.

Life can be so crushing at times. Suddenly walls come crumbling down around you and the people whom you thought you knew, are not the same people you know. The crushing part is the betrayal, the hurt and that you didn’t see it coming. Your trust was such that you didn’t look for it and you feel like life has knocked you down and betrayed your trust. You were too gullible, they saw that, you didn’t. After all, you have been you all along, honest, true and no hidden motives or agenda.

If only we could say, This will be the last of that experience. But the world is full of such people and chances are, it may not be the last time. At least you’ll be more wary in future…. you hope. So look deep within yourself and find the strength and courage you need to not let life demolish you. Broken pieces can be mended and the glue that holds them together, proud reminders of battles overcome.



Author: Ms Baron's World

⚘I am simply being me ⚘I love words & poetry ⚘Ink to paper ⚘I love to write ⚘Feelings ⚘Emotions ⚘Moments in time ⚘~SPB~⚘

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