It Hurt’s….

It hurts…..Love 

No floating hearts

No turtle doves

Who said love is good 

Was fooled..

She’s been smashed
Into pieces
Hurt has ruled
Promises broken
Endearments once spoken
It hurts
Such pain
This broken heart
Gone to cry in the rain
Once Again..

She’s walking in pain 

What’s the point in life?

What’s there to gain?

A blind moment of happiness

Followed by





A blessing?

A lesson learned 

Not such a good gain 

Lord give her strength 

Hold her once again

Give her your warmth

Your love

Take her pain….



Author: Ms Baron's World

⚘I am simply being me ⚘I love words & poetry ⚘Ink to paper ⚘I love to write ⚘Feelings ⚘Emotions ⚘Moments in time ⚘~SPB~⚘

3 thoughts on “It Hurt’s….”

  1. Yeah he who understand the Pain,
    No wonders No tears
    No Glittering in the Skies
    No Dew on the plain
    If the love is completed
    then why sweetness of the pain
    Is he who understand the pain
    He is who understand the gain
    Gain of love and romance
    It is a Galaxy on its own
    Milky-way kisses the skies
    Waterfalls hugs the ponds
    like air breeze on open veld
    Love is not a love if it not hurts
    Love is like butterfly,
    Once you catch, it losses it lusters
    If you chases it, you live forever in love.
    If its a love, then must hurts,
    Pain of hurts is sweetness in love
    More it hurts more it glow.
    With Love&Hurts Salman Khan.

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    1. It’s human nature . Were sociable beings that need these stimulants to feed our subconscious needs for drive , love n intamacy. … we trust n give it our all n get hurt … once yout hurting stops it’s innate to us humans n uncounciosly were on the prowl again no matter what the conveniences are

      Liked by 1 person

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