“A Cup Of Tea?”


“A cup of tea will make everything alright. A cup of tea will put the world to rights”…..well coined phrases and I do love my tea….

When was younger if I was unwell or upset, dad would make me a cup of tea and if dad an I had “disagreed,” neither of us wanting to speak first, dad would say, “cup of tea?” I would cross my arms, trying hard to be moody and say “yes.” We’d look at each other and start laughing.

If only life was like that and a cup of tea did make everything alright. But life’s not as simple as that.

Whilst tea quenches the thirst and is refreshing, it doesn’t solve everything; but it’s that moment you take while quenching your thirst that gives you time to process your thoughts and feelings, until you get that light bulb moment and see a way.

So in a way, maybe tea does help to make things alright….¿

“Thanks Dad…..Love You!” xx


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